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Purchase on-line, simply, quickly and securely, your entrance tickets to Machu Picchu in Peru. After entering the visitors information, you pay directly with a credit card in our secured pages. Once your tickets are ready, we will send them to you by email and SMS. Then you will just have to print them and show them at the entrance of Machu Picchu.

We are the first virtual agency offering a reliable, fast and secure system to purchase your entrance tickets on-line. We are a Peruvian travel agency, authorized by the Peruvian Government and we have our own secured online payment system.

Prepare your visit to this fabulous citadel. We invite you for a virtual tour at the heart of the Peruvian Andes and to find out why Machu Picchu is considered one of the 7 most beautiful sites of the World. Now, take a breath, imagine and dream, you are almost in Machu Picchu... Welcome!

Prices of the tickets

  Tourist Peruvian, Bolivian, Colombian, Ecuadorian
  Взрослый или студент ребенок Взрослый или студент ребенок
Machu Picchu only US$ 65 US$ 33 US$ 25 US$ 20
Machu Picchu + Wayna Picchu US$ 80 US$ 60 US$ 50 US$ 35
Machu Picchu + Machu Mountain US$ 80 US$ 60 US$ 50 US$ 33
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Откройте для себя и посетите сказочную Цитадель Мачу-Пикчу.
Цитадель Мачу-Пикчу
Полюбуйтесь всем великолепием восьмого Чуда света.
Приключение начинается на поезде
Полюбуйтесь прекрасными андскими пейзажами по пути.
Незабываемый опыт
Поделитесь с нами отличными моментами.
Агуас Кальентес
Типичный город с горячими источниками, гостиницами, ресторанами и автобусами до Мачу-Пикчу.
1 ночь в куполе
Вы проведете первую ночь в куполе со всеми удобствами.
Авторизованное агентство
Our Agency is authorized by the Peruvian Government to sell the tickets.
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Secure online purchase
We accept credit cards
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We have the available spaces in real time.
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Full offer
We also offer the Inca Trail and Salcantay treks and the full Machu Picchu tour.
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Our company established in 2000 was the first to sell online tourist services in Peru.
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